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<span class="blue">Amazon EC2 Integrated</span>

Amazon EC2 Integrated

Parallel Proxy has been designed to integrate seamlessly within your EC2 environment. Compatible with Autoscaling and Elastic Load Balancer set-ups.

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<span class="blue">Fast, simple, secure set-up</span>

Fast, simple, secure set-up

Deploy our AMI in minutes within your own EC2 environment. Enjoy the security of knowing your application traffic is never sent to third parties to analyze.

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<span class="blue">Know before you deploy</span>

Know before you deploy

Parallel Proxy will send live traffic in real-time to your pre-deployment environment and will detect, report and allow you to fix any issues that would have occurred if you had deployed.

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Customer Testimonial

"We used to have issues with up to 30% of our production deployments, most were minor but a few caused service outages for our customers. Since we started using Parallel Proxy we haven't had a single failed deployment. We now have total confidence in our deployment procedure."

Michael Houlihan
Director of Engineering